Benefice Service Pattern

Message from our Vicar:  In these times marked by great uncertainty our five churches are, I hope, places of reassurance and peace. By the beginning of September they will all be holding regular Sunday services again, following the new pattern which I set out below. 

The pattern has been designed to be as simple as possible. There will be two services going on each Sunday morning, starting at 9.30am and 11am, with one exception: on the fourth Sunday at 9.30am I will be offering training to others who are involved in leading worship. There will also be one evening service, on the third Sunday at 6pm in Warmington.

As well as being simple, the pattern will also allow me to spend time at each church after the service, rather than having to rush off to the next. 

Of course, you are welcome at any of the services; you don’t have to go only to the church in your village. Indeed, we’re very fortunate to have such wonderful churches, each with its own special atmosphere, so do make the most of them. I see being in a benefice together as something really positive, giving us the opportunity to meet those in neighbouring villages as we share in worship. 

I hope to see you again soon,


Proposed Service Pattern from August 2020
Sunday Time Church
1 9.30 am Tansor
  11.00 am Fotheringhay
2 9.30 am Cotterstock
  11.00 am Warmington
3 9.30 am Southwick
  11.00 am Fotheringhay
  6.00 pm Warmington
4 11.00 am Warmington
5 11.00 am Alternating between churches


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