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Warmington Benefice
June 2021

Tuesday 1st June 2021 10:00Holy Communion at WarmingtonRevd Catharine Furlong
Sunday 6th June 2021 Trinity 1 Proper 5 Green
09:30Morning Worship at Tansor
11:00Morning Worship by ZoomAll welcome. Please complete the Contact Us form to request an email invitation
11:00BCP Morning Worship at Southwick
16:30Tour by Travel Editions at Fotheringhay
Thursday 10th June 2021 10:30Warmington PCCWarmington Village Hall
Sunday 13th June 2021 Trinity 2 Proper 6 Green
09:30Holy Communion at Cotterstock
11:00Southwick Coffee and Chat by ZoomAll welcome. See link below.
11:00Morning Worship by ZoomAll welcome. Request an email invitation by completing the Contact Us form.
Sunday 20th June 2021 Trinity 3 Proper 7 Green
09:30Holy Communion at SouthwickRevd Catharine Furlong
Thursday 24th June 2021 14:30Bryan McNerney Tour of Fotheringhay
Friday 25th June 2021 16:00Wedding Rehearsal at Fotheringhay
Saturday 26th June 2021 12:30Wedding at FotheringhayChambers and Chambers
15:00Fotheringhay - Sawtry Academy DofE students
Sunday 27th June 2021 Trinity 4 Proper 8 Green
09:30Holy Communion at Warmington
11:00Morning Worship by ZoomReplacing service at Fotheringhay, due to delay in lifting Covid restrictions. Please request a Zoom invitation by email if you wish to join us.
11:00Southwick Coffee and Chat by ZoomSee link below.