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Sunday 1st August 2021 Trinity 9 Proper 13 Green
09:30Holy Communion at Tansor
11:00Holy Communion at Fotheringhay
11:00Morning Worship at Southwick
Tuesday 3rd August 202110:00Holy Communion at Warmington
Wednesday 4th August 202119:00Fotheringhay - Evening Tour by Glapthorn WI
With refreshments
Sunday 8th August 2021 Trinity 10 Proper 14 Green
09:30Holy Communion at Cotterstock
11:00Holy Communion at Warmington
16:30Tour by Travel Editions to Fotheringhay
Saturday 14th August 202115:00Memorial Service for the late Jane Saunders at Fotheringhay
Sunday 15th August 2021 Trinity 11 Proper 15 Green
09:30Holy Communion at Southwick
11:00Holy Communion at Fotheringhay
18:00Evening Worship (BCP) at Warmington
19:00Mozart at Fotheringhay with Fiori Musicali
Saturday 21st August 202111:00Memorial Service at Fotheringhay for the late Peter Harrison
Sunday 22nd August 2021 Trinity 12 Proper 16 Green
09:30CANCELLED Benefice worship leaders' training at Warmington
11:00Holy Communion at Warmington
14:00Easy Sunday Music - Piano Duet
Monday 23rd August 202109:30Leger Holiday Tours - Fotheringhay
Tuesday 24th August 202110:30Tuesday Tiffin at Warmington
Sunday 29th August 2021 Trinity 13 Proper 17 Green
11:00Benefice Holy Communion at Tansor
Monday 30th August 202115:00Take3 Saxophone Trio at Fotheringhay
Tuesday 31st August 202110:30Tuesday Tiffin at Warmington
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